Wednesday, April 3, 2019


An exciting, non competitive event, showcasing the top winning Shelties in conformation events (specialty and all breed) based on the number of Shelties defeated in BEST OF BREED COMPETITION ONLY during 2018. Invitations to participate will be emailed after all stats are figured. (stats come from Canine Chronicle BOB wins and Bob Miller's statistics)


Due to requests in prior years from those that will not  be exhibited due to distance,  bitches that blew coat, or those that have unfortunately passed prior to the showcase, everyone will be awarded a rosette. Duplicates can be ordered as well but all awarded rosettes must be paid for in advance and no later than closing date of February 11, 2019. Payment may be paid by check payable to ASSA or PayPal to: 

Cay Ireland
National Show Treasurer
PO Box 92
Willow Spring, NC 27592-9998
(919) 455-7550


Events and items may also be reserved through PayPal at







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