An exciting, non-competitive event, showcasing the top-winning Shelties in conformation events (specialty and all breed) based on the number of Shelties defeated in BEST OF BREED COMPETITION ONLY during 2020. Invitations to participate will be emailed after all stats are figured (stats come from Canine Chronicle BOB wins and Bob Miller's statistics).

There will be a Peoples’ Choice rosette and a Peoples’ Choice Runner-up rosette awarded. Ballots will be distributed to spectators at the Showcase event to vote for their choice and will be collected the night of the event. Late ballots will not be counted. The Peoples’ Choice winner and runner-up will be announced on May 7, 2021 prior to the commencement of Winners competition.

Invitations welcoming owners to take part in the Showcase will be emailed along with forms for ordering rosettes and providing Bio information for the Showcase Spectacular Program in mid-February, 2021. Fill out the Bio info and send to Joy Bass at Email is preferred. BIOS TO BE LIMITED TO 100 WORDS OR LESS. If more than 100 words, then it will be edited.

Showcase rosette(s) can be optionally ordered for presentation in the ring during the Showcase event for $25. Duplicates can be ordered as well, but all rosettes awarded in the ring must be paid for in advance, and no later than March 19, 2021.

If you will not be attending the National and want the rosette(s) to be mailed, there is an additional $10 charge for each shipping address. You do not need to be present to have this spectacular rosette awarded for all your hard work and devotion to Shelties in Conformation for the year 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: New for 2021, all invitees will be assigned a Showcase Armband number, whether attending the National and participating in the event or not. Showcase Armbands will be available for pickup 30 minutes prior to the Showcase event on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at the ring entrance.

A listing of all Showcase invitees will appear in the Showcase Spectacular Program with their Showcase Armband number and optional Bio information which will be distributed to spectators at the National 30 minutes prior to the Showcase event to assist spectators in identifying the Armband number of the Showcase exhibit that they would like to vote for when completing their Peoples’ Choice ballot.

Performance titles, Sex, Sire/Dam, DOB & Owner Addresses will NOT be included in the Showcase Listing (unless provided as Bio information).

Firm closing date for all information and rosette orders is March 19, 2021. If you do not want a rosette, send no money. Rosettes will NOT be provided if not ordered and paid for.

Send rosette orders along with your check, payable to ASSA, to the National Show Treasurer:


Cay Ireland
National Show Treasurer
PO Box 92
Willow Spring, NC 27592-9998
(919) 455-7550


Rosette orders through PayPal will not be accepted.




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