Ask for ASSA Dog Show rate


Comfort Inn                201 Lect Drive, Perry, GA 31069                  (478) 987-8777

                                    Dbl or King $99 per night      NO PETS


La Quinta                    102 Plaza Dr, Perry, GA 31069                      (478) 287-4431

                                     Limited rooms $120 per night $20 pet fee for maximum $40


Quality Inn                  1602 Sam Nunn Blvd, Perry, GA                   (478) 987-7710

                                     $70 per night


Best Western               1056 GA-96, Warner Robins, GA                  (478) 313-5700

                                      $119 per night with kitchenette, $20 pet fee



Additional Hotels – Ask about pets

Howard Johnson         100 Market Place, Perry, GA                       (478) 987-8400

Best Western               205 Lect Dr, Perry, GA                                 (478) 218-5200

Holiday Inn                  1502 Sam Nunn Blvd, Perry, GA                 (478) 224-3000

Hampton Inn               102 Hampton Court, Perry, GA                      (478) 987-7681

Travelodge                  100 Westview Lane                                        (478) 987-7355


Check out for additional hotel options




Hotel Dog Show Guidelines

  • Check hotel policies regarding number of dogs per room
  • Dogs left unattended in a guest room MUST be in a crate. Plastic sheeting MUST be placed under each crate in the guest room.
  • Hotel guest with dogs in the room need to use the special door hanger provided by the hotel.  This hanger will leave instructions to the housekeeping staff.  Housekeeping will not enter the room unless the door hanger is present.
  • Housekeeping must be allowed to clean a guest room (with dogs) at least every 2 days.  Guests who have special request (eg, a certain time of the day that room will be vacant) can discuss them with the housekeeping staff upon arrival.
  • Bathing and/or grooming of dogs in or outside the guest room is not allowed. There will be a $100 fee assessed to anyone found grooming in this manner.
  • The individual guest will be responsible for any damages to a guest room or any hotel property.  This includes, but not limited to, replacement cost for carpeting if odors or stains cannot be removed with traditional cleaning methods.
  • Dogs are to be on leash at all times when out of the guest room.
  • The hotel and the show committee will investigate any problem areas that are outlined above.  Any guest not following the above guidelines will be asked to check out of the hotel without refund.
  • Extension cords are not allowed to be plugged into rooms from a vehicle, trailer, or camper in the parking lot.


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