Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Immediately following the Wednesday morning Symposium, the ASSA Health Committee is proud to present the following tests, at a reasonable cost, to help breeders achieve CHIC certification on their breeding stock. Please note that you MUST sign up and pay in advance, so that we will be sure to have enough kits available. The sign-up form is available on the 2018 National Website and in the Premium List. Contact Glenda Henson at with any questions.

Please use the Health Clinic form located on the Downloads page.


OFA Eye Certification - $30 a dog

VETGEN DMS - $75 per kit

VETGEN vWD - $50

VETGEN MDR1 - $50 per kit

OPTIGEN CEA (collie eye anomaly) contact


VETGEN COLOR TESTS - Will be available. More information about these tests will be on the registration form.


NEW FOR 2018 - ASSA will pay the OFA submission fee for all CHIC tests (Eyes, vWd, MDR1, DMS and CEA) Done as part of the National Health Clinic!





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